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Why Diet and Exercise Are Not Enough

June 13, 2019

So, you find that you aren’t feeling quite as good as you used to. You may have some minor nagging health issues. Perhaps you’ve gained some weight. And you find that you feel overwhelmed and burned out more often. So you make the choice to get healthy. When people make the decision to improve their health, the first thing that they tend to do is to change their…

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Being Out In Nature Benefits Your Health

June 3, 2019

It’s summer here in SC…a great time to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. With all of the national and state parks as well as beaches, lakes, and other natural spaces, there is always some way to get outside, even if it’s in your own backyard. Being outdoors can be a magical experience. Surrounding yourself in the beauty of nature in all its forms is amazing.…

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How to Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet

May 13, 2019
How to Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet Title Picture

On my own journey, balancing blood sugar was a big part of helping me to have more energy. When I started to cut sugar out of my diet, I started feeling better. Let’s face it, we eat WAY too much sugar each day here in the US. Processed sugar is hidden in a whole lot more than just sweet products, so most people are eating much more than…

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10 Signs You Have a Hormone Imbalance

April 20, 2019
Picture of a woman laying on the bed with the blog post title "10 Signs You Have a Hormone Imbalance"

A growing number of people are facing hormone imbalances that impact their daily lives. When many think of hormone issues, they think of pregnancy, low testosterone, or menopause. But there is a bigger issue that is contributing to hormonal imbalance that most are unaware of. And they remain unaware that there are ways that they are contributing to the hormone imbalances that they can control and change. This…


5 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life

November 15, 2018
Picture of a woman typing on a laptop with the blog post title "5 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life"

This year as we approach the holidays I’ve been thinking about how we used to celebrate each year in the small suburban town that I grew up in. And as I was talking with family about how we celebrated the holidays, we talked about how things were much more simple during that time. And we talked about how much busier and crazier things are now. This showed me…