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What Is the Best Diet for Empaths?

June 7, 2022
What is the Best Diet for Empaths blog post- Picture of table covered with whole, fresh foods

Navigating the world as someone who is energy sensitive (an empath or highly sensitive person), can be challenging at times. Sensitives face a world that isn’t built for their level of sensitivity. So understanding your sensitivity and what works best for you as a sensitive can really take some of the stress away. One area where I see sensitives struggle is diet. We struggle with fatigue…a lot. So…

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Switching to a Mediterranean Diet

February 5, 2020

This is my story about what prompted me to start eating a more Mediterranean diet way of eating. My family faced some scary days early in 2020. In January I received a text message from my step-mother informing us that they were taking my father to the hospital because they suspected that he was having a heart attack. And he was. It was his second. There were definitely…

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How to Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet

May 13, 2019
How to Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet Title Picture

On my own journey, balancing blood sugar was a big part of helping me to have more energy. When I started to cut sugar out of my diet, I started feeling better. Let’s face it, we eat WAY too much sugar each day here in the US. Processed sugar is hidden in a whole lot more than just sweet products, so most people are eating much more than…

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What a Real Food Way of Eating Looks Like

May 7, 2018
A picture of different fruits and vegetables with the blog post title "What a Real Food Way of Eating Looks Like"

People choose to eat a real food diet for different reasons. For some, it is about gaining health by avoiding the chemical additives that are found in highly processed, factory packaged foods. For others, it is about losing weight to reclaim health. No matter what your reason, it is all about a healthier lifestyle. Eating this way is about eating foods that are in their natural state, or…

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Chewing and Proper Digestion

October 1, 2017
A picture of a woman biting into an orange slice with the blog post title "Chewing and proper digestion"

Did you know that digestion actually begins with your mouth? We always think of biting and chewing, but without chewing our food fully, your body will not digest your food completely. When you take a bite of food and begin to chew, digestive enzymes are released into the saliva which begins to break down the food you are eating. Thoroughly chewing your food also allows the release of…

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Why it’s Important for Singles to Eat Real Food

December 2, 2014
Why It's Important for Singles to eat Real Food blog post

In recent days, while talking to my single and single again friends as well as my Dad, I have heard over and over again that they don’t want to cook real food because it’s only them that they would be cooking for. Since they are on their own, they don’t feel that it is important to cook for themselves. I even had an older “single again” woman approach…