7 Benefits of Using a Fitbit

June 22, 2017
A picture of a wrist wearing a Fitbit with the blog post title "7 Benefits of using a Fitbit"

This post talks about the benefits of using a Fitbit exercise tracker. I have not received any compensation from the Fitbit corporation for this post. I purchased my Fitbit with my own money and receive nothing in return. This post is based on my own experience using the product. We are all made up of energy. And that energy must flow in order for you to be healthy.…

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Why We Need to Get Moving!

October 23, 2011

If you are like most people, you how important it is to exercise your body regularly. And yet, even knowing why we need to get moving, many still don’t! Now, I will admit that for a long time I was in the running to be queen of the couch potatoes. I did absolutely nothing in the form of exercise other than getting up to get some more chips…