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10 Health Benefits of Olive Oil

September 11, 2022
10 Health Benefits of Olive Oil Blog post with a picture of two bottles and a bowl filled with olive oil

Oils and fats have had a bad reputation for decades. But now, research shows that consuming high-quality fats is good for your health. One of the healthiest fats out there is extra virgin olive oil. And most medical experts would agree. Olive oil is a type of vegetable oil extracted from olives, the fruits of the olive tree. It is a staple in many Mediterranean diets and has…

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9 Ways Walking Benefits Your Health

September 1, 2022
9 ways walking benefits your health blog post- picture of a person walking down a road

If you want to stay healthy, then it is important to get up off of the couch and get some exercise regularly. One of the easiest and most simple forms of exercise that you can do is to take a walk. There are some great health benefits of walking that you can experience when you begin to walk regularly! Let me just say that I love walking! I…

Empath Healthy Eating

What Is the Best Diet for Empaths?

June 7, 2022
What is the Best Diet for Empaths blog post- Picture of table covered with whole, fresh foods

Navigating the world as someone who is energy sensitive (an empath or highly sensitive person), can be challenging at times. Sensitives face a world that isn’t built for their level of sensitivity. So understanding your sensitivity and what works best for you as a sensitive can really take some of the stress away. One area where I see sensitives struggle is diet. We struggle with fatigue…a lot. So…

Energy Stress

Laughing Helps Release Negative Energy

May 18, 2022

Did you know that laughing is a powerful way to reduce negative energy? That can not only help you feel better but live a better life! Do you find yourself feeling stressed and overwhelmed regularly? We all deal with different levels of stress every day.  And some days are definitely worse than others! But often we don’t know how to manage the energy that we absorb. And so…

Empath Stress

Top 10 Things That Stress Out Empaths

March 1, 2022
Top 10 Things That Stress Out Empaths- Woman Holding her hands up from frustration

Yes, it’s true that being an empath can be a struggle. We just feel energy SO much more deeply than most of the population. They don’t get us, and so we get labeled as being “overly sensitive” or “a drama queen”.  We just experience emotions, both our and those of others, on a level that is overwhelming at times.  Because of this, we spend a good chunk of…

Empath Herbs and Essential Oils

Are Essential Oils Good for Empaths?

December 28, 2021
Are Essential Oils Good For Empaths- essential oil bottles and herbs scattered on a table

I’ve been writing in the natural health world for a decade. When I first started, using essential oils wasn’t as big as it is today. Essential oils have since become very popular. Even large companies have been using them in their products. They are now commonly used in many different naturally based personal care products and household cleaners. Of course, if you follow other natural bloggers, it’s not…

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Managing Your Energy on Social Media

October 3, 2021
Smart phone with social media apps

If you are energy sensitive, spending time on social media could impact your energy. How are you managing your energy on social media each day? How often do you find yourself checking your social media accounts? The average person spends 2.22 hours a day on social media.  Not only do people spend time catching up with family and friends. Many people now use social media as a major…

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The Inner Call to Simplify

September 26, 2021
A woman sitting out in nature in the sunshine

There is a lot of fatigue in the world right now. Facing a pandemic with endless unknowns and lots of fear is stressful. And people are facing elevated chronic stress as a result. On top of that people are being over-saturated by information and external stimulation. The human mind was not designed to take in the amount of information that it currently does each day. It was designed…