15 Things that Raise Your Vibration

July 25, 2022
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No one wants to feel crappy! I know I sure don’t! But that’s exactly how a person feels when their energetic vibration is low. When in this state you can feel downright bad. You may experience different negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, frustration, and jealousy….and you may even experience illness. Low vibing just doesn’t feel very good!

Living a high-vibing lifestyle just feels better. It comes with better feeling emotions and better health. Fortunately, you can make choices that can help you live in a higher vibing place! And you can add some things to your day that can boost your energy!

So what things raise your vibration?


Moving your body regularly helps to keep energy flowing! If you are sedentary most of the time, then energy can easily get stuck in your body. That can lead to chronic stress, emotional issues, and ultimately chronic illness. We are designed to move regularly. I just recently posted an article all about moving more to get the energy in your body moving!

Deep breathing

Most teens and adults have become shallow breathers without realizing it. And while focusing on a task it’s not uncommon for people to hold their breath. This can cause oxygen levels in the body to be far less optimal than they should be. The result is higher stress levels and lower vibrational energy. Taking time throughout the day to do some deep breathing is a simple way to reduce stress and increase your vibration!


Connecting with the Earth is not a new concept. For thousands of years, humans have had regular contact with the ground below us. Within the past century, however, we’ve become less and less connected to the Earth. Throughout history, humans spent a great deal of their time in touch with the ground, whether it was through their work, gardening, walking, or through play, we touched the ground regularly. A sedentary indoor lifestyle, paired with the invention of synthetic shoe soles has removed us almost wholly from that energetic connection to the Earth.

Having regular skin contact with the ground connects you to the vibrational energy of the planet. Of course, that helps to raise your vibration! That in turn has health benefits such as lowering inflammation, reducing pain, improving sleep, reducing stress, and improving circulation.


Meditation is a great way to clear out clutter from your mind. It gives your brain a break! It helps you to counteract the energy of negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions and raises your energetic vibration. In fact, regular meditation practice is one of the best ways to help keep your vibration high!


Laughing feels good. I mean, really good. But there are a lot of adults who take themselves and life far too seriously. As a result, they don’t laugh very often. But laughing throughout the day, every day is a great way to boost your vibration. Find funny videos, movies, television programs, and memes that can help you laugh more. Or play with a baby or pet to get you laughing.

Eat organic fresh fruits and vegetables

If you read my post on switching to a high vibrational diet, you already know that the food you consume regularly can either raise or lower your vibration. If you eat a large amount of junk food, it will tank your vibration. But eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially when grown organically can help to raise your vibrations. These foods are a great way to help boost your vibrational levels

Gratitude rampage

Gratitude is a powerful vibrational booster, and one of the things I do when my energy is low and I’m not feeling great is to do a gratitude rampage. How do you do a gratitude rampage? You just begin saying thank you to your higher power for different things in your life. Say these things with passion and energy. A good example would be “thank you for the roof over my head because it gives me shelter and keeps me safe, thank you for my dogs because they give me so much love and make me laugh, thank you for my job because it allows me to buy the things I need and want in my life, thank you for the clothes on my back that keep me covered and let me express part of who I am, etc…” If you can find ways to be grateful for the difficult things in your life, then add them! (“thank you for that relationship that didn’t work out because it removed me from something that wasn’t right for me”). You get the idea!


It doesn’t matter if you are a good dancer or not, but creating a dance party in your own home can boost your vibrations…even if you’re dancing all by yourself. Just throw on some music that you enjoy and dance away!


You don’t have to be able to carry a tune to enjoy singing. Music is a powerful way to raise vibrational energy, so put on some songs that you really love and sing away. It’s fun and it’ll get you high vibing in no time!

Learning to say no

There will always be plenty of family members, friends, and coworkers who will ask for your time and attention. Often they ask you to do things, even when your schedule is already full. It’s hard for many people to say no when these situations come up and they wind up doing things that they don’t want to do. This increases stress and lowers vibration. So what do you do if someone you know asks you to do something and you’re not sure if you have the time or want to? Don’t give them a definitive answer at the moment. It’s easy to feel pressured to do just that, but if you let them know that you need to check your schedule and that you’ll get back to them, it gives you an opportunity to think about it and see if it will fit and if you really are okay with doing that.

What happens if you don’t want to do something or are overloaded already? It’s perfectly okay to say no! In order to keep your vibration high, you need to take care of yourself! And that means that you may have to say no from time to time. It helps to preserve your vibrational level and lower your stress!

A technology detox

Technology is valuable because it helps to bring information to people quickly. Do you need a recipe or need to find out what the weather is going to be like today? All you have to do is pick up your smartphone and find out in less than a minute. It also connects us to other people 24/7.  But having access to social media and the news all the time is actually a huge vibrational killer! And as more and more people find themselves addicted to their phones, it becomes even more important to do a technology detox. I recommend taking a day at least once a month (although once a week is even better) when you shut off your phone, leave the television off, put the tablet down, and spend a day without electronics. Your body needs that break and it can significantly help to improve your vibration!

Get creative

When is the last time you did something creative? Whether drawing something, doing creative writing, photography, or other crafts, getting creative and creating something new can lift up your energy levels! Think about things you love to do. Do you enjoy cooking? Go and create new recipes. Love to paint or draw? Find some new inspiration and create an amazing new art piece. Want to try the latest craft craze? Make the time and do it!


Think about how much we played as children. As we grew up, we had more and more responsibilities and we began playing less and less. In fact, most adults rarely play anymore. But if you look at animals, even they have moments when they play…no matter what their age. It’s time to get playful and find ways to play more in your life. The great news is that you can be creative when you play and you tend to laugh a lot when you’re playing…these things often occur together! That ends up creating a big vibrational boost. We’re all unique and so things that may be playful and fun for me may not be for you. So it’s up to you to discover the ways to play that are fun for you.

Have you forgotten how to have fun? That’s not uncommon! Many people have been so busy adulting that they’ve completely forgotten what things helped them let go and have fun. Make a list of things you used to like to do when you were a child, or make Google your friend and find something that you think you might enjoy. And then take the time to go and play!

Spend some time at the beach or in the forest

We’ve become a society that is deficient in vitamin N (nature). When I was a child we were always outside. Even my parents spent a great deal of time outdoors when they weren’t working. We weren’t as sedentary as we are now. Part of that was because we didn’t have all of the technological gadgets that keep us housebound. The highest vibrational environment in the world is anywhere nature is. And spending time in nature helps to raise your vibration just by being out in it. If you can connect your bare feet to the earth, you can experience an even more powerful vibrational shift!

Clean your house

Is your house messy? Does clutter reign in your home? That may be lowering your vibration! If you want to raise your vibration, it may be time to clean up! Clutter contributes to stress which is a low vibe feeling. So cleaning up can actually lower stress levels and help you feel better!

If you’re looking for ways to raise your vibration, this list is a great way to get you started. Of course, it’s important to check in with your emotions and what is going on there as well…but that subject is much broader and I’ll be diving into that information separately!

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