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Raw cheese for cooking

Why I Don’t Use Raw Cheese When I Cook

In the real food world, there are a lot of folks who are talking about the benefits of raw dairy, such as raw milk and raw cheese. And I will hop right on board the raw dairy train! Raw dairy has been consumed for thousands, and thousands…..and thousands of years. And when it comes from happy, pasture raised cows that spend their lives grazing on beautiful, pesticide free grass, raw dairy is full of beneficial enzymes, vitamins, probiotics and essential amino acids….all of which are cooked out  or significantly diminished during the pasteurization process.

So when using cheese in uncooked dishes…..always go for the raw! That way you are getting the benefits of the nutrients that are not in pasteurized cheese.

So, why am I not using raw cheese in cooking? Because any dish that required prolonged heating of the cheese is going to pasteurize it. So why spend the extra money on raw cheese for cooked dishes? I don’t do that.

So, if you are going to use cheese in dished that will endure higher temperatures for a longer cook time, opt for a decent pasteurized organic cheese. You can find this type of cheese in health oriented grocery stores and many standard grocery stores are beginning to carry organic pasteurized cheeses as well.

You can always use pasteurized cheese from local farmers, just be sure to ask about steroid, hormone and antibiotic use to make sure that you are not consuming them!


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