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Picking the right apple

Picking the Right Apple

At the beginning of this new year, I made the decision to look for new ways to incorporate fermented fruits and veggies every day. So I’ve been playing around with some different ideas when I thought about fermenting applesauce. Since I love applesauce, I figured why not? Then I started looking at all of the different apple varieties and made the startling realization that I know so little about these common apple varieties!

Which apples are more sweet and which are more tart? What are the characteristics of the different apples? And which ones are good for applesauce, or baking? I happened to stumble upon this great inforgraphic that breaks down the flavors and the best uses for each of these apples. Now, it’s not going to cover all varieties, because frankly, there are thousands! If you’re surprised at that, don’t feel bad….I didn’t know that either! But this will cover a lot of the most available varieties.

You can learn more about the Sage Fruit Company here.

Apple Infogram
























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