Cowboy Caviar from

standard Cowboy Caviar

I absolutely love homemade salsa! When it’s fresh, it just can’t be beat. And this version of salsa, also known in some circles as Cowboy Caviar is absolutely divine! I was given this recipe years […]

Taco Dip from

standard Taco Dip

So, it’s football season and I have had a few people ask about some great snack foods that are perfect for any tailgating parties. So the first recipe I created was a taco dip that […]

Onion Dip from

standard Onion Dip

I grew up eating store bought french onion dip….and love it! Of course, my family didn’t eat it every day, but we had it for cookouts and special times when we entertained. Even now, when […]

Deviled Eggs from

standard Deviled Eggs

When spring rolls around, I start getting a hankering for some good deviled eggs. I’m not sure exactly why that is, but I absolutely love them. Even though I love them, I had never made […]